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The Chaudhary & Associates team is continuously being recognized for outstanding work. The following are several projects that brought recognition to the Chaudhary team in recent years.

  • San Francisco International Airport – Elevated Roadway System and Freeway Connectors – (Sub consultant to PBQD/MC)
  • Distinguished project award 2000 – Engineering, Design & Construction – Western Council of Construction Consumers
  • Yosemite El Portal Road Reconstruction Project – (Subconsultant to Parsons Transportation Group)
  • CELSOC* 2006 Small firm honor award, Farragut Village, Mare Island
  • CELSOC 2003 Honor award
  • CELSOC 2002 Engineering excellence award, Alameda / Contra Costa County–Water Supply Pipeline Built to Survive Major Earthquake – (Subconsultant to Kennedy/Jenks Consultants).

* ACEC stands for American Council of Engineering Companies (formerly CELSOC)
San Francisco /Oakland Bay Bridge under construction - view towards San Francisco. Completion expected in 2013.