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People with vision and professional ability provide the foundation for successful projects. Project Managers at Chaudhary & Associates, Inc. fully understand their responsibilities to the client and use a team approach to engineering, surveying and inspection to successfully complete each project undertaken. We take great pride in our cross-training and emphasis on total quality engineering from “field-to-finish”, providing solutions to complex problems.

Kailash C.Chaudhary

Kailash “K.C.” Chaudhary founded C&A in 1976 and has specialized in design and construction management of Public Works projects during his 42 year engineering career.

Arvin K.Chaudhary

Arvin Chaudhary has over 25 years experience in all phases of design and construction of public and private projects, from planning and permitting through surveying and design to construction management. Projects have included residential developments, highways, freeways, railroads, bridges, commercial centers, utility systems, hospitals, aviation facilities, and wineries. He has worked on Federal, State, local and privately sponsored projects and is experienced in delivering projects through the CEQA and NEPA processes.